Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Raw Vegan Detox - Day 1

Because it's been a while - oh, so past due!
Because April brought Easter baking and anniversary cake. 
Because it's just so tempting - the view from upstairs at Convent Market, while having tea at Tea Haus it's simply breathtaking and makes me wanna dive head first in that colorful wonderland.
Because I was craving it. 

Organic everything - I'm not going to mention this beside each food.
My primary source of inspiration: the Ecopolitan 7-days raw plan. My other sources: oh-so-many. 

My meals today (yes, almost everything goes: "in a large bowl, mix together. Let sit for a while before serving"):

Started with
- bananas
- shredded apple
- Chia seeds.

I usually like caffeine  with my workouts, so today I was following the detox rule - no caffeine, so teaching the Zumba class felt good, but I was honestly missing the wings of awesome. But thought it was worth it!

Meal 2:
- freshly made orange, apple & carrot juice (with a dash of cinnamon)
- almond butter

Meal 3: 
- huge zucchini - shredded
- sweet tomatoes, diced
- broccoli, finely chopped
- parsley leaves, finely chopped
- sea salt

Meal 4:
- walnuts
- watermelon

Caption: the living salads and herbs at the Convent market

Meal 5:
- spinach, finely chopped
- tomatoes, diced
- living red lettuce
- pumpkin seeds
- black pepper

Water. Plenty. Loads. Herbal tea. Same.


  1. is worth trying! I would love to have that kind of dedication to do the same!:)
    Thanks for the motivation!!

  2. Thank you, Sandra, for your kind words!

  3. Sounds all good to me!
    We're trying to all diet since my son needs to lose weight maybe we can detox while doing it.
    Thank you for the encouragement.

  4. Thanks, Karin, for stopping by and for the comment! Good luck you all on your journey, you can do it!


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