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This is me! Hello, welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

An artist at heart, I came to understand that being healthy and fit is an important part of living beautifully.
I believe in healthy lifestyle through living holistically, in the power that we all have to make the appropriate choices for our present and future well-being. Further more, I believe that the well-being of our mind, body and soul go hand in hand, and that we all need well nourished and active, radiant bodies to harbor our creative minds and souls.

I also believe in "preaching what you practice" rather than "practicing what you preach" - it all starts with being true to ourselves and standing up for what we believe in. And yes, I believe in eating clean&green, because I see food as our fuel, the source of high quality nutrients that help our minds and bodies perform at their best.

Cinna-moonBeams was started with one thing in mind: to find healthier alternatives to traditional baking and traditional sweets and treats, to indulge by carefully choosing wholesome ingredients.

Fitness and nutrition are a big part of my life, and two of my dearest passions. I have started by taking the Personal Trainer Specialist certification with CanFitPro a few years ago, and it just felt naturally to be shortly followed by the Nutrition and Wellness Specialist certification. Zumba came into my life unexpectedly, but fell in love instantly. I became a licensed Zumba instructor in January 2011 and since then I have instructed at various locations across town.

I currently reside in London, ON, with my wonderful husband, my wonderful son, and our wonderful German Shepherd. 

[and I also jot down my thoughts on my personal blog, Loving Mondays, now and then. ]  

There would also be a big list of 'about me' which, if I get to think about it, includes: running, cooking, baking, working out, Yoga, occasional raw eating, walking (with the best partner in the whole world, my Dog), hiking, traveling to both remote places and big busy cities, enjoying the great outdoors,photography, painting, collage-making, losing count of time among books, artsy-crafts.

I'm very passionate about the ways of living beautifully, by accomplishing at the fullest, while leaving room for serendipity. I strongly believe in G. Cousens' words: 'What you think is who you become. Be beautiful. Be kind. Be radiant. Be love!'

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