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Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie.  
~Jim Davis, Father to Garfield

This blog is devoted to healthy sweets and treats. 

All of the recipes are clean & green.
Majority of them are gluten-free or low gluten.
Some of them are egg-free or dairy free.*
Some of them are even vegan. *
Some of them are low-carb diet friendly (even extreme low-carb: keto-style)*

*or could be modified as such.

Ingredients you will never find mentioned anywhere on these pages:
- white flour, all-purpose flour
- sugar (refined sugar, white sugar, confectioner's sugar, powder sugar, brown sugar and so on)
- artificial sweeteners
- shortening
- gelatin
- (corn)starch
- (corn) syrup
- cream cheese

Instead you will see a lot of:
- rye, whole wheat, buckwheat, chickpea, dark corn flour
- oat bran meal, quinoa, teff
- fresh cheese
- plain (Greek style) yogurt
- fresh fruits
- healthy oils
- unpasteurized honey, dates, and Stevia as natural sweeteners

And yes: it's snowing cinnamon! And vanilla too!

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